Very soon...

Hello !

2016-04-13 06:15:52 by FrigeEnterprises

How is everyone ?

The Frige Christmas special will be uploaded a few days late, because I have been banned for a while because 2 of my submissions have been blammed recently. Yes, I know, it's infuriating. But don't worry, some more Frige will be uploaded soon !

Frige Christmas Special

2015-12-18 05:11:58 by FrigeEnterprises

Hello, everyone. The Frige Christmas Special is all made and ready to be uploaded on Christmas day. I won't give too much away, but some new characters are also introduced, and Father Thomas (the priest from the church episode), appears again, and you'll get to see Frige's dog and cat.

Here are some posters for it that I made. You can print them and use them as Christmas cards, if you know someone that likes Frige and you want to send them a Christmas card.